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Do you use the failure procedure during your sets? Using the failure procedure really individualizes the workout for your team. If someone’s goal time is 1:00 min for the 100, they would be shooting for 14.5 to 15 seconds for each 25. If they swim over 15 then they have to sit out two 25’s which is about 45 seconds, then they start their 25’s again. Once they hit their 3rd failure, that set is over. At that point they would go to the recover lane.

Using the failure procedure allows the workout to fit everyone instead of it being too hard for 33%, too easy for 33% and just right for 33%. The athletes would routinely ask how many 25’s they should be doing and always tell them to just go to the 3rd failure. We would also remind them what number they hit the last time.

We also would not do anymore free after that first set. I believe I read that one event per session per stroke is all he (Dr. Rushall) recommends.

There is also probably too much rest for 25’s. USRPT recommends no more than 15 sec rest for 25’s. Once our better swimmers were under 58 seconds for the 100 we reduced their rest to 10-12 seconds per 25.

I hope that helps.