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    Young kids often don’t race or train for the 200s of stroke as they often only race the 200 IM and 200Free. I think this hurts the breast leg especially, and the back leg too. 100Fly sets cover the fly leg and 200 free sets cover the free leg. To train the back and breast legs I think it is good to train those legs based on the IM splits – so the race pace comes from the IM best times instead of stroke best times (which often do not exist at the relevant pace).

    Anyone else try this?


    We use the 2IM splits for all IM work as well. We’ll start with 25s at ½ IM split for that leg and work to 50s later in the season.

    Early: target time is ½ 2IM split

    10 x 25 fly
    15 x 25 ba
    20 x 25 br
    25 x 25 fr

    We’ll then rotate in the 50s with the exception of the fly, always seems to get just too technically unsound.

    Mid season

    20 x 25 fly ½
    12 x 50 ba using 2IM split
    30 x 25 br ½
    14 x 50 fr using 2IM split

    20 x 25 fly
    30 x 25 ba
    12 x 50 br
    14 x 50 fr

    By the end of the cycle they should be able to handle

    30 x 25 fly
    14 x 50 ba
    16 x 50 br
    20 x 50 fr or 8 x 100 fr @ 2IM split times 2

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    Here’s an IM set I’ve started using as one of my USRPT sets. I’m figuring it based on 200IM.

    12 x 25 BT :30
    10 x 50 BK-BR by 25 :55
    12 x 25 FR :25

    I figure we will gradually increase each of these parts as the season progresses. Thoughts?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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