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    Greg Tucker

    We are modified.

    We still do some drylands focused on core strength, but not much. We also do some shoulder strength for injury prevention.

    We used a rowing machine early in the year for posture and scapular stability. We used a power rack the last 2/3 of the season. Otherwise, no gadgets.

    We still did some drills, but not as much as last year.

    Our warm-up was shortened this year and we may shorted it more next year.

    We tried to use small recovery sets, mostly to prepared for stoke of next set.

    We have too many girls for a recovery lane. They just have to sit out if they hit their max failures.

    We let the girls have an extra 15-30 seconds rest before the last two reps and let them race. We stack our lanes so we have fast freestylers leading two or three lanes so they can push each other. Down the line we will also try to stack backstrokers against each other and breaststrokers as well.

    Too many girls prevent going on exactly 15 or 20 seconds of rest. For example, we may have 8 or more in a lane for 25s free. If they can go 15 or less, then their interval is 30. If you swim 14, you get 16 seconds of rest, not 15. Oh well, practicalities.

    Our flyers never swam more than 25s all year. Lane management issues.

    We tapered a little different that Doc suggested in his bulletins (previous post).

    Just wondering if others modify or use Rushall teachings exclusively.

    Greg Tucker


    We are the Same a little bit of both , warm same , main set , Recovery most kick,swim drill ,ready for the next set ,If doing 25s @30, 50s@60,75@115/30.
    As like you we have 6/8 per lane, we have started using a pacer the last 2 weeks .


    We strictly stick with Rashall’s instructions, the only thing we’ve added is yoga twice a week for flexibility and mental balance and recovery purposes.

    Since we have a national championship in July, we decided to do so in order to comprehend all the effects USRPT properly


    Isn’t it tough to go from the blocks every repeat if they are only getting 20 seconds rest?

    "Most people have the will to win. Few have the will to prepare to win."


    Normally i would do them on a 60-70 seconds so rest would be 20-30 seconds depending on who you are. I think climbing out and up on the blocks, plus the faster goal times, called for a little extra rest.

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    We do drylands but it is as much to make up for limited pool time and appease the parents than anything.

    The biggest difference between what I do and what is recommended is how we handle failure in the sets.

    I don’t have the room ( or probably the patience ) to have kids go to another lane and recover while everyone else finishes.
    So what I do is keep them moving in as “relevant” way possible while still not practicing broken down swimming.
    For example, tonight we were doing a set of 75’s at 500 pace. I have kids sit out a repeat after they miss 2 in a row not one ( Dr. Rushal actually though that was fine ) After they miss their second round of 2 they were to go to 50’s at 500 pace. This is, obviously, much easier. If they miss one of those then 25’s. If they miss one there, then they keep doing 25s but they just work on their breakout then swim easy.
    That flow chart is used for all the distances.
    I guess the big question would be, is this compromising the self regulating nature of USRPT which is so important. I don’t think it is, but I will have to keep an eye on the swimmers just to make sure.


    Modified, because of our team practice times we never had organized dry-land to begin with. Warm up is the same, pre-set is the same, using URSP Sets for Main set.

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