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    After three seasons we’re pretty dialed in on our USRPT protocol on a daily/micro/macro/seasonal basis. Now I’m beginning to think about implications for Long Term Planning. I’ve read Rushall’s indictment of the British LTAD (bltn 38), but I don’t see a clear pathway for what such a plan should look like beyond the brief discussion of 10&UN programming in the Step-by-Step bulletin (bltn 47). From what I can gather from Rushall’s material we simply step up the sessions offered and USRPT set density and see what happens.
    Perhaps I’m overthinking the room? Maybe the concept is unnecessary in the USRPT framework? I’m curious to hear what some of the other club coaches have done, particularly those that have adopted USRPT throughout their programs. Do you have benchmarks for what is taught and when? Do they include the psychological concepts promoted by Rushall as well as technique? When do you swim 200’s of stroke or the 1650? When might you consider specialization and to what degree? Is this all codified in your program or is does it occur more organically? Please include anything that you think is relevant…
    Thanks in advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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