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    I am having some confusion on determining split times. I thought from what Rushall said is that you should take the goal time and add 2.0 seconds to account for the start, then divide by the appropriate value.
    However, I have two concerns about this the first being that some of these times seem a little to easy to hold for a set- for example I have guys who can hold 11 highs for 16×25 at 100 free pace on :30, but I don’t think they are going to go 45s in the 100 free at the end of the season- despite that according to my split charts (attached) that I made up based on the 2 second guideline- that is the time they are training for.

    My second concern is that I have seen other pace charts some on this forum that simply divide the goal time without adding anything to it.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to most accurately establish paces that correspond to a goal time?

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    Gary P

    You didn’t account for turns. Multiply your 25 times by 4, subtract two seconds for the block start, then add 3 seconds for 3 turns. 11.75 X 4 = 47, add 1 second (-2+3), 48.0 is the predicted 100 time.

    Also, at over 18 seconds of rest per 25, you may need to see more like 20 reps to be confident that you’re athletes can hold that pace together for 100 straight.

    BTW, the predicted time should be good now, not at the end of the season. What are these guys currently doing in the 100 at meets?


    Quick note @agswimcoach the set that you indicated above has too much rest time. For 25s the goal is 15 seconds rest with a tolerance of 13s at the lowest and 18s rest at the highest. So the interval should be 25seconds which will significantly change the demand of the set. You might wanna hit up the latest USRPT belletin

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    Thanks for the replies and the help. We did our first usrpt set of the season the other night so the set example I gave was more of an intro set to work them into it and make them understand the format. We work to where they are getting less rest for the 25s. I don’t recall reading anything about accounting for turns from rushall, which bulletin was that in?


    If you swim 25m intervals without turns and want make a prediction about 100m race time then you’ve to consider start time and turn times. If you train in 25m pool and race in 50m pool you’ve to consider this as well.
    Defining split times as described in Rushall,s bulletins and making race time predictions are two separate things.

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