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    Help! I just found out that we will have our own warm-up lane tomorrow at our first SC meet of the season. This will allow us to do the USRPT warm-up, but I am unsure of exactly what we need to do. We usually have to do the same basic thing as traditionally trained swimmers.

    It is a pentathlon meet. 12&U do 50s and 100 IM. 13&O do 100s and 200 IM. It is split into two sessions with Fly & BK in the AM and BR, FR & IMs in the PM after a 4-5 hour break. I will be up late combing through the papers, but I thought some of you may have the answer.


    Might be too late to comment but….

    We do the exact same warm up at a meet as we do in practice. After all, practice is suppose to emulate the meet right 🙂 We get to practice, I talk to them, they do a brief warm up, then we race……..same at the meet. And that goes for if we have our own warm up lane or we’re thrown in with 2 other teams. We have also been to meets where there were just too many kids in the warm up lane so my kids warmed up individually before there events. I’m not going to have them beat to death, do a bunch of 1 arm fly, or screw there pace up.

    Our warms ups are just that……a warm up. All the technical stuff should have been dialed in at practice. At our last meet there were teams doing 2000-3000 yards for their warm up!!! I don’t get it but there coaches sure do love to hear their own voice barking out those big warm up sets 🙂

    Good luck at the meet,



    From Swimming Science Bulletin 50:

    “It is the intention of the senior author of this paper to produce a USRPT paper on warming-up and cooling-down at practices and meets. It should be available before September, 2014.”

    Looking forward to read that!


    For those who did not see his latest release on warming up.

    Check it out.

    Coach Roy

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    I am in the process of implementing USRPT with our high school swim team. Would everyone be able to give an example of their warm-ups for practices and for meets? I have read Dr. Rushall’s article 51. It makes some since to me, though I feel I would be able to understand it better if there were some examples to look at. Thank you.

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