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    Hi everyone. I am a 46yo female masters swimmer who leans more towards tho distance events, including 200 back and 400IM (despite being not good at fly or breaststroke!)

    I did a little bit of USRPT at the end of 2014 but then joined a masters squad whose coach wasn’t a fan. Despite that, I made some good gains under that coach

    Our squad has disbanded for six months while the pool undergoes repairs, so I am back to training solo. I have lost a bit of fitness over the last month or two, and am wondering if USRPT is the best approach to take now as I need to build up for the World Masters Games in April.

    Any advice gratefully received. I can really only get to the pool four times a week as I work full-time and have four kids.


    Hello emma1701,
    I guess you know your interval times and that you’ve to swim race pace all the time.
    I’m not sure USRPT is the best approach for you but if you have a specific question this is the right forum.

    Gary P

    “Best” approach? No one knows. An good approach? Absolutely can be, even for “distance” events. I’m roughly your age, and have recently used USRPT to effectively train for the 400/500 and even 1650 free. 4 days a week is sufficient, if not optimal, to make gains.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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