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    OK I know in USRPT there isn’t supposed to be any need for a recovery day. Thus the beauty of the self regulating system.
    However, in the real world, kids have to deal with a lot of external stress, especially this time of year with exams etc. and we also know that swimming at race pace is very taxing.
    My kids today were mentally and physically exhausted. Which means many then became emotionally exhausted. We pushed through but it was not the most productive practice ever.
    My plan tomorrow is to do 25’s as opposed to 50’s at 200 pace and maybe 50’s rather than 75’s at 500 pace. That shouldn’t be too draining and should get some of the swimmers confidence back up.
    Any one have to do something similar from time to time?


    Yes… I’d say to even take out the racing component and allow for complete recovery on that day. Next day goes far better than feeling like you’ve just got to go fast every day. Some will not recover as fast as others, and you cannot keep trying to fit the square peg in a round hole. That often ends in disaster – mentally and physically. Their bodies will eventually recover faster and make those kinds of turnarounds, but for now, it sounds like you’d be best served by just working drills and starts or even just a fun day.



    We had a couple of practices when my kids seemed very tired and were not making very many reps. I ended up abandoning those and focusing on attacking the walls, turns, and underwaters. The next session was much better. This happened maybe 2-3 times in the four weeks leading up to our first LC meet last weekend. The three swimmers averaged a drop of just over 8% from last season’s times. I am not sure how that compares to the norm, but I think allowing them to swim slow those days would have had a negative effect. I took a very positive tone with them and stressed what great progress they made on their skills.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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