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    That’s not entirely in line with what @doc does, @agswimcoach


    Nx25@2 – goal time / 2

    Nx25@1 – front end: first 50 / 2
    Nx50@2 – back end: second 50 (also 50 #1 of 200)

    Nx50@2 – front end: first 50
    Nx50@1 – back end: avg of 50 #2, #3 and #4
    Nx100@2 – back end: last 100


    my main question is what interval are each repition being done on. a 25 every 1:00?
    also, about how many reps are you doing?


    Yes, it’s a lot of rest. But you are asking for very fast speeds. When you figure they are at 1/2 50 speed, going from a push and you want guys under 10 seconds, they need it. I have some coaches that go out to 3 minutes with some of their kids. They send me their data and the interesting thing is whether on 2:00 or 3:00, correlations are very close. We only use “nx502′” to either work on power for the sprinters or for “speed reserve (S.R.)” with Mid-Dist and Distance kids. Yes, distance kids. If you can’t increase their maximum velocity and rely on just increasing volume. You and your swimmer are in for a very frustrating time. Especially after they reach Peak Height Velocity or PHV. Goggle it.

    For 100s trng. I use “nx502” for pwr and S.R. The main sets used are “nx25on1′”at 1/2 first 50 time, “nx50on2′” at 2nd 50 of 100 split and “nx50on1′” at the average of 2, 3, & 4 of a 200. You have to look at it like it’s a 5000 piece puzzle. So that’s why the “nx501′” They have to feel the “sting”

    For 200s trng. I use “nx251′” again gives them some S.R., “nx502′” If you look at your data, you’d see that the first 50 of 200, is very close to back 1/2 of 100. Kind of a 2for1, “nx501′” and “nx75 (using avg. divided by 2 and adding back into avg), again look at your data. 75s because they hold better speed and technique. I will normally cycle 2 sets of 75s and then go a set of “nx100″(back 1/2 of 200), just checking to see if we can’t push the speed out.

    Just remember you have to address not only freestyle by any secondary stroke they have and that doubles the amount of data you have to account for.

    ? All that is not shared... is lost.


    Kevin is dead on!

    Let’s just start with the basics.
    25s are on 1:00
    50s are on 2:00
    50s are ALSO on 1:00
    75s pick an interval that the kids can hold pace.
    100s are usually on 2:00.

    The whole number of repetitions is answered in a search.

    Sorry this takes work on your part. But I’m getting a sense right or wrong, you are asking for coaches to just GIVE you what they know and some have spent years i.e. Kevin and others on this forum, discussing, understanding and sharing what worked and what didn’t work.

    I have a suggestion. You search on this site either “doc or “oldschool”

    ? All that is not shared... is lost.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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