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    How would you incorporate training for the longer races into your programs? I know we should use 100s to train for the 1500. I had read that Kieran Perkins trained 20×100 @ 2:00. I would not use the interval, but is the distance sufficient? USRPT guidelines say 3-5 times the distance of the event. 4500-7500 sounds like a return to traditional training distance. Do any of you have age group kids doing the distance events? I have a 13 year old who started doing them at 11 and a 10 year old who will be doing his first 1500 in a couple of months (two weeks after he turns 11.) He did the 800 for the first time two months ago and loved it. I was thinking 20-30 x 100 and would make that their only yardage for that session outside of warm-up and down. Am I on the right track?

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