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    Hello Everyone,

    We are transitioning to USRPT. I don’t think I will ever be able to move to a full USRPT program (head coach won’t allow it) but I’m getting to do more and more of it. Please don’t waste too much time telling me about mixed training means mixed results, I’m not the boss so I don’t make the final decisions. Last week we did 1 usrp set on Monday, 2 on Wednesday and 2 on Friday. I have attached a schedule for Tues-Friday afternoon with our intersquad on Saturday. I want to be fairly fresh on Saturday to show the head coach that our group is making good strides already.

    What are your thoughts? Most of my kids are either FR 50-200 (2-3 will swim the 500 in dual meets, maybe at end of the year), 50, 100, 100 stroke or 100 and 200 stroke plus 50-200 free with stroke being the main focus. I have one IMer whose main events will be the 100/200 flys.

    Learning a new system is hard but the kids are open to it, I just want to make sure this is what we need to be doing. I don’t think we are ready for 3 sets in one practice quite yet. We did the 8 x 50 (2) back 1/2 100 pace on Friday and then followed that with 25s at 200 pace fr (offered 32) and they said they felt like they were waking up for the last prelim session of a 4 day meet on Saturday 🙂


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    There are a couple of things that would concern me. Training Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday leaves them 4 days straight without major race pace sets. That’s a big break. Will you eventually be able to do some every day? Or at least spread it out to Monday, Wednesday, Friday?

    I haven’t had much success training for 200s with 25s. My swimmers can go forever with 25s at 200 pace and it doesn’t translate to their races. I think 50s are the way to go for primary 200 training. At least for freestyle. I haven’t trained anyone for 200s of stroke. I will say that switching our 200 IM training to only 50s for back, breast, and free has seemed to work better so far.

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    I have noticed that about the 25’s, we have done mostly 32 x 25 @ 15-20s rest and they are either making a lot it or we are using a goal pace that is much faster than they have ever been. Another thing you were right about was how well we could do race pace 3 days in a row. In actuality this week we only did Tuesday and Wednesday on that schedule, then recovered Thursday and did 8 x 25 on 2 @ 1/2 50 speed, they did fairly well.

    I know Rushall says you can build up to doing 3-4 sets a practice everyday, but I’m thinking M/W/F. The only problem I see with that is we have meets on Saturday and I want to make sure we are fresh for our meets. Couple questions for y’all?

    1. How many sets a practice do you usually do?
    2. How often to you do recover?
    3. How many sets a week do you do for their main events? What if they have 3 or 4 event focuses?
    4. What is your breakdown in doing 25/50/75 at race pace?

    We typically go aerobic/recovery monday and wednesday mornings. I appreciate all the help as we make the transition, have our intersquad tomorrow hopefully we see some good speed and back half power.

    Again, thanks for all the help.


    We do our best to train 3 times a week for each of their main events. It’s tough to get all of the IM training 3 times. The back and breast sets are usually only done twice a week now.

    We don’t do recovery days. If they are missing their pace all day it ends up being a recovery day for them.

    I wouldn’t worry about doing a pretty hard practice before a meet. My top 100 swimmer got her best time this year the day after a very hard practice (completed close to 2,000 yards at race pace).

    "Most people have the will to win. Few have the will to prepare to win."

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