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Hi, I’m Kevin, I head coach a US team in the Bay Area of California as well as a high school team in the Central Coast Section (will start the high school program this coming February).

Started implementing 100% USRPT for my club swimmers 3 months ago and saw some awesome results. The majority of the kids I coach are in the 15-16 age group range and saw an average drop of about 2-3 seconds in the 100! (55 to a 52 in the 100 fly, 53 to a 49 in the 100 free, 1:10 to a 1:04 in the breast; and all 3 of those swims were from different swimmers.

200s seemed less impressive, but I think the swimmers just need a little more time to adapt to this training. We have had a tough time hitting 200 RP for 50s. Some swimmers stayed on their best times with little improvement, and some saw some decent drops.

Looking to make some type of log book for each swimmer to keep behind their lane at practice for this coming season.