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    Hi, I’m Kevin, I head coach a US team in the Bay Area of California as well as a high school team in the Central Coast Section (will start the high school program this coming February).

    Started implementing 100% USRPT for my club swimmers 3 months ago and saw some awesome results. The majority of the kids I coach are in the 15-16 age group range and saw an average drop of about 2-3 seconds in the 100! (55 to a 52 in the 100 fly, 53 to a 49 in the 100 free, 1:10 to a 1:04 in the breast; and all 3 of those swims were from different swimmers.

    200s seemed less impressive, but I think the swimmers just need a little more time to adapt to this training. We have had a tough time hitting 200 RP for 50s. Some swimmers stayed on their best times with little improvement, and some saw some decent drops.

    Looking to make some type of log book for each swimmer to keep behind their lane at practice for this coming season.


    Hi All,

    I’m Jason Buchanan and I coach a YMCA team in Rhode Island. We have over 100 swimmers ranging in age from 6-17. I’m going to have all of my groups work at following the guidelines for age group swimmers. It will be interesting to see how we adjust.


    I am a masters’ coach and swimmer as well as a seasonal HS coach at Ft. Bragg, NC. I have been educating myself on USRPT and have seen the fantastic results of other masters’ swimmers this past year. I am transitioning my masters’ program to USRPT. I am having difficulty using that fully as I have “cross-over” swimmers who train for longer triathon events but swim with my competitive swim group. Since they are looking at 1.5 and further swim events, I don’t believe that this is the best training for them. I am very eager to get USRPT started with our winter HS team and expect great results.


    CZwolff, would love to share about Masters and USRPT. Would you email me? cokie@swymnutmasters.com


    I’m Eric. I’m à french swimming coach.
    I’m vers interested in USRPT. I thune that i’m working in the same way.
    Thanks for your site.


    I’m Eric. I’m a french swimming coach.
    I’m very interested in USRPT. I think that i’m working in the same way.
    Thanks for your site.


    I am in Chris in North Texas and I have being implementing 100 % USRPT practices for 3 weeks for my high school teams.


    My name is Bill and I live in MN. I have a 15 year old daughter who is just about to switch clubs to start swimming for a coach who has implemented USRPT. Both my wife and I were college swimmers and we have been reading and researching USRPT for the past several months. We both look back at our careers and wonder what might have been if we had been trained this way rather than the old school high mileage model that we endured. I’m not sure if I’ll have much to add to the discourse, but I’m hoping to learn from all of you. Thx


    Hi, my name is Turgut and I’m 50 years old. I live in Izmir, Turkey.
    I swam for 11 years from 1973 to 1984. And now I swim open water for almost 20 years.
    One of my friend adviced me usrpt. In very short period of time I increased my speed and I liked.
    I’ll continue the usrpt and share my experiences soon.
    Take care all.



    I’m Rory Alvaranga, and I am Head Coach of St. Hugh’s Preparatory School Swimming on the island of Jamaica. I have kids from age 6 – 12 of various levels. I have a group of swimmer (8 swimmers) including my daughter strictly on USRPT and have had great results. I coached my daughter first using USRPT and she got a National Age Group Record the next meet. I was very satisfied with the results.

    Please include Jamaica on the map of USRPT around the world………….


    I am a high school coach in northeastern Minnesota. I am interested in learning more about USRPT. We had a successful girls’ season this fall, breaking six school records, and only one of those was done by a senior, so I need to be convinced that USRPT is better than what we have been doing, which is my adaptation of the 3S system and some additional race-paced training, particularly Tabata sets.

    Some practical questions I have:
    Do you start with USRPT on the first day of the season? We have some girls who don’t train from the day the high school season ends until the next one begins. Can they jump right in to USRPT training?
    What sort of warmup and cooldown swimming is done in USRPT?
    How do you time 25s with 20 girls in three lanes?



    If you have a good to excellent grasp of the Parametric System (PS) and understand how it works and not just paying for it thru 3S then USRPT isn’t really going to be that much different nor will you see measurable differences in rates of improvement. Basically travel at race speed for each of the protocols and let them stop when they reach failure. The Parametric System does address the issue of more distance orientated swimmers with the n x 200 and n x 400 protocol sets. Which is a huge knock against USRPT that it really only address the middle and sprint distances.

    I’ve spent over 17 years working with the PS and have made modifications using USRPT research such that we now go as many as 3-4 protocol sets per practice, no kicking or pulling and no recovery days just focus on swimming at race pace and technical skill. Our rates of improvement have gone up .8 to 1.2%.

    Your questions:
    Much like PS you might give them 8-10 days of easy swimming then start protocols/USRPT sets. That will probably depend on the length of your season.

    Warm-up: I give my kids 10-12 minutes to get themselves ready. Each lane has a copy of the workout so they know what’s coming BE READY!

    Cool down: Some will swim easy and others will get out.

    25s with 20 in three lanes: Good Luck 

    I’d rather continue this discussion off the forum if you are interested.
    Email: recondoc@ionet.net

    "Only in America. Dream in red, white and blue"


    This seems like a good discussion…why go “off” forum?


    Hi, I’m a masters swimmer living in Berkeley California. I have been swimming competitively since I was 11, so that’s 55 years so far. I also am an assistant coach at two masters teams. As a lifelong sprinter, USRPT intrigues me. Now I am really only working out for about 45 minutes a day and it would be nice to use the time in a very efficient manner.100 free at USMS nationals


    I am a masters swimmer from England. Started as a Master age 52 (Now age 59) after a 40 year gap from my teen swimming years. Our Masters club introduced USRPT last year (2014). Unfortunatley I was recovering from a part knee replacement so did not get the full value. This year we will be using USRPT 2 out of 3 club sessions. I will be adding swim alone sessions to this. Looking to reduce pool training after various surgery over the last 7 years (Heart, Tendon, Knee ). Hoping to see some speed improvement this year despite being told I will struggle not to get slower from here on in.

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