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    Wow! I don’t know how you do it! You hit the nail on the the head about my son’s confidence!!! It is skyrocketing for sure! Glad to know that you are still influencing swimmers.

    You should write a book or create a paid membership website to share your knowledge and wisdom. I have learned a lot from reading your responses. That’s coming from a seasoned wrestling coach..lol. If you do, am sure you would get most of the people lurking in this forum and many, many, more. Thanks again for your influence in my life. I am an old dog..59 years and counting.

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    Hey Doc!

    Thank you so much for the response! We are finally making progress. We moved to another team that is allowing us to do speed training in the morning. His name is Sam Freas Jr. You may have heard of his dad. He is very familiar with your workouts and knows swimmers who do it.

    He is an advocate of working on all aspects that you mentioned in your response.

    We are in the third week of training and my son is now getting in the mid 11’s for freestyle off a push, mid to low 12 for fly, low 13s for the back.

    His worse stroke is breaststroke and he has even improved in that, thanks to Sam.

    Thanks again for the response. Your wisdom is appreciated and I am sure just like me, most of us sit and hope that you respond to us.

    P.S. Are you still coaching?

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    Thank for the input! The old team use to do those sets all the time. They were his sprint sets….lol

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    Thanks for the advice Doc! I really appreciate it! It all makes sense.

    My biggest worry is that my son has 2 more years, until college and I want to give him the best chance to have great times before he graduates.

    My son feels like he should have faster times but his team’s 2 & 3 hour aerobic workout are not helping.

    Current times are below. He really has not had any training or strategies given to him by any coach he has ever had for the 200’s, except, go out hard and sprint the 3rd fifty. I convinced him this week that a 200 is four 50’s. His best time for the 200 back is from over a year ago.

    Current times
    50 back 25.86
    100 back 56.51
    200 Back 210.08
    50 free 23.32
    100 free 50.96
    200 free 1:53.94

    If you’re okay with me asking you question via email, please email me at joejustin007@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate it and I promise NOT to take advantage of it.

    P.S. My son and I saw where one of your swimmers recently took a third at NCAA’s. My son’s comment was, Rowdy didn’t even mention your swimmer’s time, which was a great time in itself.

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    The set we did we used last year’s times, we had 30 minutes once we got to the pool.

    4 X 25 @1:00, 13.00 (first Half of 100/2) 13.0,, 12.39
    4 X 50 @2:00, 27.00 (Last half of 100/2) 27.00, 26.44, 26.08, 25.37
    4 X 25 @2:00, 13.00 (closer to his goal time of 47.00) 12.22, 12.45, 11.96, 12.00

    The last set of 25s @2:00 was supposed to be a set of 8, but we ran out of time. The plan right now is to Keep the same sets for a few weeks but increase the reps. We still need to do Back, Fly & Breast. It’s hard to find a pool where we can get more than an hour of time and some won’t let me in while he swims.

    I noticed how hard my son was breathing yesterday and I asked him last night when was the last time you breathed like that at practice and he can’t remember when. He even told me that he was felling funny on the 50s…lol

    I am super excited that we have found this training. He is liking it as well. He compares this to the type of sets Eddie Reese of Texas does. For the last 2 years he has been mentioning how Texas has the best workouts because of their sprint groups & Sets and how they suit up for some practices.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Thanks for the Response! You are correct about the coach. There is a lot of over training already. My son has a lot of days where he says he can’t keep pace at practice. He’s one the top 2 or 3 swimmers on the team. Fortunately, we already have a team to go too that primarily trains for speed.

    I am going to use Doc’s training system as it looks like the best training method with data to back it up!!! I just need to figure out how NOT to run the speed out of my son. If you have any suggestions for training sets, that would be great!!

    My son is excels in backstroke and freestyle, trying to improve his breast so that he can excel in the IM. He sometimes gets in the finals with 200 IM, but his breast stroke, keeps far from top 3.

    Thanks again for the response, I really appreciate it!!

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    Posting a little more about my son. He has some days where he says he can’t get going in the water, usually at the end of the week. He is 16 about 5’10”, still growing, just getting some muscle. His goal is to swim in college and more. He struggles with Fear when he gets on the blocks. The fear is just now fading for him. I think he could be good at the 200 fr and back. He really hasn’t swam it that much nor has he even trained for the race at any club he’s been in. His most recent times are good and bad, in his eyes.

    100 Fr 50.86
    100 Back 56.17
    100 Fly 56.27
    50 free 22.20
    50 back 23.12

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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