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    I have read the Rushall Peaking for Competitions but I want to know what experience people have had for championship season when you will need to swim fast again in 2 weeks after advancing.
    I did unloaded for a meet prior to Thanksgiving with great success but that was for one meet.
    In Texas, we have district, regions and state each 2 weeks apart. In traditional training , I would re-taper them ( work hard the first few days between meets and then taper off the second week ).
    Any thoughts on how to proceed on how to have them ready for the final meets.

    Thanks and Happy new year to all



    I don’t have much of an answer but want to piggy back your question. This is my daughters (freshman in hs) meet schedule with high school & club coming up.

    January 8 – high school meet

    January 10-12 – club meet

    January 16-18 – club meet

    January 23 – high school meet

    January 28- high school conference champs

    January 30-1 – club meet

    February 6 – high school regional championships

    February 12 – high school state championships

    February 26 – club age group championships

    March 12 – club age group sectionals

    Just want to make sure we’re not over or under doing it

    Thanks for posting the question



    We’ve done it 5 times with that same scenario meet every 2 weeks and 3 times used the 3 day protocol 50-25-25 then meet warm-up.

    If it’s the same/some kids at all 3 meets what we have seen is the rate of improvement gets smaller each meet. They still go faster but be ready for smaller improvements at each meet. My thoughts on why this occurs. The first unload they have had the majority of the season to accumulate potential and then you unload and bang they swim fast. The second unload even though they came back to work they have tapped into the accumulation and not quite as much is left so rate of improvement is a little less and by the time you get to the third unloading again even though that went back to work they have pretty much spent all their “interest”

    I have tried twice now a 2 day protocol with 25-25 and meet warm-up with kids that already are qualified for the season end meet on the first and second meets. Thought process there was it lets them swim fast to solid (within 2% of LTB) and still preserve a little more potential for championship meet. Rates of improvement 1.5 to 3.2% range.

    Just some thoughts,


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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