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    My name is Arthur from Canada. I’m a masters swimmer. I swim with my club 2/3 times a week and 2x on my own doing USRPT for the last year after taking a break from training due to having a baby. I was training for 200m back until the spring and have been training for 50m events the last 9 months. I have gained over 15 lbs of muscle without any weights. I swam a lifetime best time in the 50 LCM fly in November.


    Chris, from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK. Interesting to read all the info on here, thanks for posting.

    I read up on USRPT last autumn. It made so much sense and answered a lot of questions about training for me. Approached the Head Coach and as a result our club has been running a USRPT lane since before Xmas as an experiment, 3 sessions a week. We try to get three sets in per 90 minute session, either 50’s, sprint and 25’s, or all 25’s if the first set is fly. It is a 25m pool. The club shelled out on some decent case clocks to stand at the end of the lane, so timing is easier for the swimmers. No drills, no kick sets, no paraphernalia ( although they often look wistfully at their fins when we start a fly set…).

    The swimmers doing it are all kids but 15+, so mostly full size! So no easy PB’s due to growth…. It has taken us a while to get it running properly, both them and me! But now we get into each set with no drama. The data is all on a Dropbox account, but we will shortly be introducing log books, and I would like to update each book with target, 1st fail and completed data at the close of each session, so that the swimmers will tell me what their current target is for each set on a session, plus when their 1st fail was last time, rather than the other way around. I hope that will encourage them to hang in there a bit longer and ‘own’ their progression. Not many race results to go on so far, it is still a bit early, but they have generally been on their times or small PB’s. So far so good. I’m hoping we can get more sessions like this involving more swimmers as we move forward.

    I do some private coaching in an Endless Pool at home, and have started doing a lot of this in an adapted USRPT format. I still do some drills, but once we have principles of a stroke on a firmer footing, doing USRPT 25 seconds on, 15 off, or 40 on, 20 off, really helps to hone those principles into consistent strokes. I have 15 seconds to tell them something they can use (strike forward with your breaststroke arms, not down! etc etc), and they have 25 seconds to implement it at race pace. It works well, and because in an Endless Pool you are instantly aware of falling off the pace, you can see what helps and what doesn’t, straight away. So as an example, for myself I have found that right side loping freestyle allows me to swim faster, with a lower stroke count, than swimming a bi-lateral stroke – even before I need the extra oxygen. It also shows me how long the lope can actually be to maintain a pace – it is quite surprising how long a stroke you can get away with.

    I’ll post on the logbooks once they are up and running.



    Hi All, Paul from the UK. Son is 17 and still wants to compete (#1 event is 100 Free 54s long course) and improve but has come out of a traditional programme and just can’t face it any more. Wants to try USPRT so we’ve negotiated a lane at our club sessions 4 times a week and I’m doing it with him. A couple of other late teen swimmers are joining us too.

    All a bit of an experiment and not sure where it might lead but giving it a go.


    Hi James – I note you are from the UK. What area? Son has just started USRPT (pretty much self-coached, I’m helping). How’s it going for you?


    Another UK-based coach here. Currently in a fairly traditional club, trying to be a bit subversive from the inside.


    Hi James – I note you are from the UK. What area? Son has just started USRPT (pretty much self-coached, I’m helping). How’s it going for you?


    Hi Michael.

    Im Nora. Im a mother and an assistant coach for a local swim team here in Malaysia.

    My Head Coach are using this USRPT method 1st time experiment to my 9 years old son.

    We saw the outcome of his training ever since he started being introduced to it.

    This is actually his 1st year as a swimmer. Last year he only entered 1 meet (a short course meet) as an exposure for him so he could see the big picture he’s going to be in every meet this year.

    Truth be told he was at the ranking of 40 out of hundreds swimmers last year.

    This year as my HC used the USRPT to him, he’s ranking now is in placing 7th out of the hundreds.

    I was searching high and low for the course. Do they do any USRPT courses online or anywhere?

    Any ideas? Coz i wanted to take the course myself.

    Regards and thanks



    Here is a good guide to begin with:

    This site has a lot of info:

    This is the complete guide:

    And here are some paid courses:

    Ryan Upper
    Gold-Level USRPT Coach
    Advanced USRPT Concept Developer

    M K

    Good evening!

    My name is Josh and I have been part of starting the first Swim team for the high school that I graduated from, Culver Community HS/MS in Culver Indiana. We got going three years ago and I am always looking for ways to help the kids do their best. My swim coaching experience was based on watching the age group team that my kids swam on and helping coach Varsity Track & Field. When I attended a Swim Seminar in Chicago, I was able to talk with Ian Murry, formerly with Carmel Swim Club and now Head Coach for the Dynamo Swim Club in Atlanta GA. I asked for advice on bettering our swim program practices and Ian suggested having a heavy percentage of USRPT focus. He has had very good results and felt that it would be a solid basis for my training program. I also spoke with some other coaches that recommended picking up any books by Dave Salo from USC. I am a new coach in swim and looking for help & guidence to maximize the quality of our swim training. Thank you in advance for all of your help!



    ? Josh -

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